23 years old, from California

I always make sure to read up on a product or item before I purchase it; so I thought I’d help others out by writing my own reviews. This is a collection of posts regarding (mostly) beauty and other random things, too. This is a sort of broad-based blog. All I really hope for is to make your decision to buy a product a little easier, or even interest you with my ramblings.



For business/company inquiries: thingsandreviews@hotmail.com




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you so much for that wonderful, unsolicited review. Even though we hear comments like this daily, yours is very well written and your enthusiasm emanates from your words. Well done.

    The online store was is the only practical way to serve customers out of our area because it actually keeps the cost down, especially if one orders in a slightly larger amount. We have a flat rate shipping of $15 once you’re over $30 value. If we were sold in stores in the US, they would have to go through a distributor and they would put their markup on it all….probably add at least 35%. Also, if one orders the 4 litre size S&C combo(about 18 bottles each) it is about 45% less in price per volume plus, the shipping is free to Canada and US.

    Again, thanks you for you lovely words and we would like to send you some product in consideration of your kindness. Please forward shipping details.

    All the best,

    Randy Cunningham
    owner Calianatural


    • Hello Randy,
      Wow, I never expected to get a response from the actual owner of Calia. Thank you so much! I’m very glad you are happy with my review.
      I hope that it is understandable that I am slightly hesitant with giving my shipping details here (anyone could claim to be the owner of a company). My email is thingsandreviews@hotmail.com if you could contact me through that, that would be so great.
      Hope to hear from you soon, and thanks again.


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